Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Mother's Sacrifice

Today I received a copy of the January 2012 American Baby magazine. Not really sure why I'm receiving them - I think it was from signing up with Publix's Baby Club, but either way, it has some good info in it.

At the beginning of the magazine, they had these quotes that were posted on Facebook about moms and one of them especially caught my attention:

"A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." 

This immediately made me think of my mother. She passed away November 21, 2010 from cancer, and I miss her so very much. I think I miss her more throughout this pregnancy - I can't go to my mom to ask what it was like for her, compared to what it's like being pregnant for me, etc.

Since she passed away I've had so much time to reflect on who she really was as a mother, a wife, as a person. My mom was such a hard worker. No, she wasn't a stay at home mother - she worked full time as a teacher, played the piano at church (about 7 times a week between rehearsals and services), not to mention being a mom and a wife. To be honest, I have NO idea how she did it. I think the only times I saw my mom sit down was when she was at the piano lol She was up later than everyone and woke up earlier than everyone else. She always looked amazing - she was the most beautiful woman I've known.

One word, among many, that can summarize my mother is sacrificial. Looking back she did SO many things for her family despite how tired she might be or how much she might have desperately wanted to sit down. She always stayed up late to make sure my dad's shirts were ironed for Sunday morning, always made sure she was attractive for my dad, she was our biggest cheerleader, always gave hugs freely. She was fiercely protective of her family and loved the Lord and serve him with all her heart.

As Baby J's due date comes closer and closer, I've been thinking about the type of mother that I want/hope to be. To be honest, I hope I can be half of who she was. I hope I can serve my family and be as much of a hard worker as she was. I hope that I can love my family as much as she did. I hope I can be as self-sacrificing as her.

Mothers are very special people. They have the ability to love like no other. They can go from dealing with a dirty diaper to making a meal for her husband. A mother's kiss can magically heal wounds and a mother's hug can suddenly make the world a better place.

Momma would have said she never liked pie so her family would be able to have some. I do hope I can be the same as her.

I love you, Momma, and I look forward in seeing you in Heaven one day. We all miss you like crazy, but thank you for teaching me what it means to be a sacrificial mother.


Mel said...

What a sweet post about your mom. Congrats on your baby and entry into motherhood! It's going to rock your world and fill it with more joy and love than you would think possible! Have a great day!

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Jacqueline @ said...

Dear Felicia, I am blessed by what you have shared and am touched by your love for your mother. You will carry over those wonderful sacrificial blessings to your own family and leave a legacy of grace, love, and servant hood to the next generation. I appreciate you sharing here and hope you will consider contributing regularly. You speak words of wisdom and truth. Blessings!

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