Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back Again...

Hello Everyone! I know it's been forever since I last blogged - bad blogger!!!

 A LOT has happened since my last post. I'm now 27 weeks along- almost 28 weeks on Monday - pregnant. Monday marks the beginning of the third trimester! WOO HOO!! It seems to be going by so fast, yet so slow. I'm getting so anxious to see Baby J, but I know it's best that he/she stay in there longer. Doesn't help that I have had SIX friends since Thanksgiving have their babies and the 7th is about to pop out at any minute!!! 

Now as you can probably tell by me saying "he/she" we do not know the sex of the baby. My husband and I don't like bombarding our baby with ultrasounds, so we will only be having one in January just to make sure everything is going well with Baby J and there are no surprises at birth. At that time my curiosity will probably overrun everything else, and we'll find out what we're having!!! (Although I REALLY think it's a boy!!)

So in saying that, what's the plan?? Well I would love to have a home birth, although thanks to the strict laws of Florida that is not possible at this time. So we will be traveling to - wait for - Mississippi to give birth in a little birthing cottage. Yeah...crazy, I know, but I like to avoid the hospital like the plague. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we do have the doctors and technology that we do have WHEN WE NEED IT, but for a normal and healthy pregnancy, they tend to do A LOT of unnecessary medical intervention, which actually leads to things like c-sections, etc.

I'm really hoping to have a water birth, but we might be getting there in the nick of time to push baby out lol The cottage is about 2 1/2 hours away from us, but my husband is an amazing driver and believes he can make it there in 1 1/2 hours haha.

But ultimately - the theme this entire pregnancy is "trust in the Lord." People keep telling me there's a huge risk with a home birth, but ultimately, there's a risk with pregnancy PERIOD. Just like there's a risk in driving a car, living in Florida where there are hurricanes, etc. Like with anything in life, I need to just place my trust in the Lord no matter what.

On that note, now that I'm at home, I'm hoping to get this blog back up and running again! Hope everyone has a great day!

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Anna said...

Congratulations! We had our first at home and loved it. Despite terrible unforeseen complications, we were so glad to be at home. Our midwife was wonderful, educated and prepared. We had to transfer after our daughter was born (I was the one with complications) but because we had had her at home the hospital was willing to do an unusual procedure that prevented me needing a hysterectomy. God works in such wondrous ways!

Oh, and we did have an ultrasound and they told us it was a boy. Then SHE came. :) Lol!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

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