Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Legitimate Marriage

In lieu of the recent "gay marriage" legalization in New York, I feel I must comment about it.

Marriage licenses don't make a sodomite couple married anymore than they do a straight couple.

The Lord ordained the sacred union of marriage, and only when a couple has come before God and made those sacred vows does God acknowledge the marriage. We do not need "permission" from the State to be married, nor do we need to be acknowledged before the State. And on this note, just because the State gives you a piece of paper saying you're divorced doesn't mean you're divorced in God's eyes either. Marriage is a CHRISTIAN (i.e. religious) institution that has no business coming before the State.

My husband and I did not get a marriage license when we were married. We made a lifelong covenant before God and a lot of friends and family on May 31, 2010, and no matter what we do we will always be married before God. Doing it God's way doesn't even give you the option of divorce. We have no lawyer we can go to, the most we can do is stop living together - but we'd still be married before God.

So what's my point you may ask? As Christians, we need to stop being so wrapped up in this gay marriage issue and ask ourselves on why the State has anything to do with a religious institution (marriage) anyway! What happened to separation of church and state?

Just something to think about :-)


Mrs. Zwieg said...

Please read, "Separation of Church & State: What The Founders Meant," by David Barton from

Anonymous said...

Interesting point! that your pregnant how does being married just in God's eyes work if something were to happen to you or your child, taxes, etc?

~*~Felicia~*~ said...

Well, as far as taxes go, we cannot file as a married couple, so we do not get that tax break. As far as our children go, we can still claim them as dependents, and when I stay at home with my children, my husband will be claiming me as a dependent as well, so it's overall the only tax break we don't get is being married.

As far as if something were to happen, we have life insurance, and we'll be getting power of attorney over each other, etc. It's even been proven in case studies that things like a family Bible, or a church marriage certificate, have been accepted in courts as proof of being married (which we have both).

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